UMA + Harvest Creativity Contest

To celebrate the latest collaboration between UMA + Harvest — the launch of fCASH — we are kicking off a little creativity contest for defi fans to participate in.

The theme is Super[h]UMAn Farmers. Think farmers with amazing superpowers, channeling the power of Ethereum to generate bounteous yields in the fields of defi.

We’d love to see what you come up with for this! It could be art, craft, meme, or haiku … use your imagination and get creative! Just make sure you stick to the theme, and reference Harvest / UMA / their collaborative efforts in some way.

10 Prizes up for grabs

1st Place: $500 of FARM + $500 of UMA

2nd Place: $350 of FARM + $350 of UMA

3rd Place: $250 of FARM + $250 of UMA

4th + 5th Place: $200 of FARM + $200 of UMA

6th — 10th Place: $100 of FARM + $100 of UMA

Simply post your efforts on Twitter with the Hashtag #superhumanfarmer , and tag @Harvest_finance, @harvestfi @UMAprotocol

To increase the visibility, drop into the projects Discord, and post there as well

Harvest: (in ‘Farm-Arts’ Channel)

UMA: (in ‘Memes’ Channel)

The final date for submissions is 5th July, 19:00 UTC

Mainly Blockchain *-*