Harvest.Finance Marketing Contest — Part 1 — Announcement

Farmer Chad was full of good ideas to pump $FARM

2021- the Year of the Metal Ox — is upon us, and it’s time to re-evaluate how the message of Harvest Finance is being delivered.

Explainer Videos — short videos that explain how Harvest works and why it is an important piece of the defi puzzle.

  • Noob tutorials explaining how to interact with the site , how to deposit , what is APY/APR etc.
  • What is Harvest Finance
  • Why farm at Harvest Finance?

Infographics + Visuals — visual explanations of different process

  • Explanations for the main features of Harvest
  • How profit share works (inc. compounding explanation)
  • How different strategies work
  • How emissions work
  • Timelock feature
  • DoHardWork
  • P/E ratio (with comparison where applicable to other projects?)
Gabriel Haines strikes again!
Nice one Grimbles!

Part 1 Prizes (paid in FARM tokens)

Deadline for Submissions — Thursday 04.02.2021

How to Enter?



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