Fragments of Kyiv — Photo Journey pt.1

Something a bit different, because it’s been a while!

Recently I took a trip to the wildly under-rated city of Kyiv, Ukraine. I’ll get around to writing about why Ukraine makes sense for outsourcing blockchain dev soon enough, but for now, here are some snapshots of a beautiful place, with friendly people, and a fascinating vibe.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — ://

Congress Center
Blue = Sky / Yellow = Wheat
St. Andrew’s Descent — colourful walls, colourful trousers
Vladimir the Great overlooking the Dnieper
St Michael’s Cathedral
The trees have eyes
They’re watching you…
Soviet Block
Taras Shevchenko — “ Everything moves, everything passes, and there is no end

**:** If you do end up in Kyiv, do yourself a solid, and get in touch with Iryna from Let’s Travel Ukraine . She has a real passion for the city, and the knowledge, so after a few hours touring the various districts, parks, monuments, etc. you will start to fall in love with the place.

**:** Also check out her Instagram for some more cool images of Ukraine

Mainly Blockchain *-*

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